Think Beyond the Usual For Unforgettable Events

Our brand can be expressed in three words:
savvy, sophisticated and professional.

ShowMax provides custom turnkey programs that take event marketing and CRM to new levels. We think ahead — in every way. From logistics and staffing, to lead generation, processing and ROI evaluation, we provide you with a comprehensive program that is designed to do one thing: increase sales.

Utilizing over 15 years of marketing insight, we create compelling "event experiences" that draw attention, engage interest and provide breakthrough brand and product exposure. We handle every detail. We gather actionable lead information using our advanced technology and quickly deliver it to our clients. We then help measure results to justify expenditures.

Our product specialists are highly skilled and thoroughly trained in brand communication. Beyond knowing product features and benefits, our people understand each client's brand culture and market niche. Today, exhibit management has evolved into an experiential marketing specialty. And frankly, nobody excels at it like ShowMax.