College Savings and Costumes are Cool

Fidelity Investments

  • Brand ambassadors
  • Event planning and staffing
  • Social media sharing
  • Creative costuming

College savings and costumes are cool

Fidelity came to us via their ad agency, Arnold Worldwide. Due to our experience in managing special events, we were asked to help kick off a new college savings program for Fidelity - the UFund Dreams Tour. The tour included promotional events that were held throughout the Boston area at sites such as the Children's Museum, New England Aquarium and other venues. We handled tour management and staffing, and made it a great experience for adults as well as children. With very little whining!

Our ambassadors provided information on the UFund for parents, plus fun activities for their kids. We also provided job-related costumes kids could wear showing what they wanted to be when they grow up. Doctor. Lawyer. Event manager. We took photos of them in their costumes that their parents then shared on Facebook. Kids love dressing up. Parents love showing them off. And clients love getting attention. Who doesn't?

The promotion was a hit and Fidelity plans to do it again next summer. Now there's an investment firm that knows how to build interest!