Mobilizing to Meet Mobility Demand

Toyota Mobility

  • Product specialists
  • Consumer education
  • Curriculum development
  • Dealership training

Mobilizing to meet mobility demand

With our help, Toyota has become a global leader in a market that few people know about - automotive mobility. It consists of disabled individuals and caregivers who require specially equipped vehicles. What do we do? For starters, we staff Toyota "Ability Expos" with Product Specialists who are uniquely qualified and informed - not just on vehicle features, but more importantly on individual automotive mobility needs. Our expertise and interest in this growing market has helped Toyota build strong relationships with mobility-challenged consumers.

What else? Well, we facilitated and trained the first Certified Toyota Mobility Dealers in the U.S. With Toyota's support we developed curriculum and rolled out a national education and advocacy program to teach front line healthcare professionals about the intricacies of the "auto-mobility" market. We've also created a custom reporting suite that tracks automotive mobility product sales across all regions nationally. Our wheels are always turning for Toyota.

Bottom line? Mobility is gaining traction in the market. And with us out front, Toyota is leading the way.