The Capacity to Carry Serious Momentum


  • Electronic lead generation
  • Real-time data capture
  • Reporting suite with data analytics
  • Curriculum development and training

If there's one thing Subaru does extremely well, it's keep us busy.

Boy, do they ever. They have us managing over 60 national shows and 50 special events per year. In turn, we keep them hopping too, with loads of qualified leads generated electronically on site - at auto shows, outdoor festivals, and other special events. We keep a lot of balls in the air for Subaru and have dropped nary a one yet.

Technology helps us manage the busy-ness. Our Product Specialists carry iPod Touch units to gather customer info and quickly transmit it to local dealers - often before prospects walk in their door at home (and lose their interest). Hot leads are qualified on the spot by trained Product Specialists who know their job well. It takes savvy and a deft "touch". We're well equipped with both.

More than a vendor, we are an ongoing extension of Subaru's marketing department. In short, an all-wheel-drive vehicle that never runs out of gas.