Good Gifts Lead to Great Leads


  • Product Specialists
  • Electronic lead generation
  • "Quick Quote" eQuery® system
  • Custom reporting suite

Good gifts lead to great leads

It's no secret, but if you want to score with visitors at an auto show, make it a fun and rewarding experience. We've been scoring for Suzuki since 2006. One way we do it is by holding hourly drawings. Prospects get free gifts; we get valuable information. Everyone wins. Other customer incentives include coupons for $500 off a Suzuki purchase and $25 gift cards for taking a test drive. In short, we drive interest up. Wayyy up.

Using iPods, we not only generate leads quickly, we also email prospects before they even leave the floor. We thank them for visiting, send them special offers, and direct them to local dealers. It's all part of our eQuery system. Of course, you need skilled Product Specialists to make it work, which we have. And a strong product, which Suzuki has. To demonstrate just how strong, vehicles are often turned over on their side to show underlying features. Bottoms up!

Today, it takes more than the gift of gab to make a sale. You need to get customers excited and motivated. We have a gift for it.