A Brand Experience Worth Sharing


  • Brand ambassadors
  • National tour management
  • Event coordination
  • Social media sharing

A brand experience worth sharing

Progressive is a client of Arnold Worldwide, one of the most creative ad agencies on the planet. Arnold hired us to manage two national tours for Progressive - the International Motorcycle Show and the National Marine Manufacturing Association Show. Bikes and boats. Basically, our task is to build awareness for Progressive and provide a memorable brand experience for show visitors. In our usual progressive style, we have fun with it and make it "Flo".

If you haven't seen Flo, the star in Progressive's ads, you better check your pulse. She's everywhere. At the shows, we take photos of visitors and digitally place them on motorcycles and in boats with Flo. Then we help them email the hilarious photos to friends and post them on Facebook ("Likes" follow at high speed). We also connect visitors with Progressive agents, provide t-shirts and marketing materials, and manage a myriad of details.

Insurance can be ho-hum, but we make it a hoot. Our policy is to get people to laugh and have fun - and to share their positive brand experience with others. It cycles around!