Focusing on Details & Innovation


  • Product specialists, brand ambassadors
  • Event/tour planning and staffing
  • Camera lending program
  • Language translation

Focusing on details and innovation

We turn up the volume (in sales) for clients in many different fields. Electronics, for instance. We teamed up with Panasonic at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament and provided all their Product Specialists and Brand Ambassadors. After acing that major event we were awarded others, including a regional series of Spring Tours and a Christmas Mall campaign where many a Santa stocked up on Panasonic products. We handled everything: planning, staffing, set-up, and promotion. Elves couldn’t have crafted a better show.

With Panasonic, we use many creative ways to relate with customers. For example, together with our partner vendor we coordinated a Camera Lending Bar where prospects could borrow a Panasonic camera for a few hours and post online the pictures they took. We made everything click. At a different event, we staffed up with Product Specialists who were fluent in Japanese, which led to a jump in Japanese customers for Panasonic.

In other words, whatever the business (or language), we know how to make connections.