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  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Custom Equery Application Set-Up
  • Data Capture & Analysis


To say we work well with Volvo is like saying fish work well with water. We've been together for over 15 years and we now represent them at 22 U.S. auto shows plus the 3 major international shows. We love them and they love us. Which is why they chose us to manage their "From Sweden with Löv"  and "Naughty Volvo S60" tours. We provided staffing and setting up traveling displays in hundreds of Volvo showrooms. We also spread the love at experiential events such as the Volvo Ocean Race, Bud Light Street Beat events, and King of Prussia Mall displays.

Volvo knows they are safe with us. Our smooth handling includes everything from vehicle move-in/out and detailing, to creating simplified product info labels (monroneys) that don't require reading glasses and calculators to comprehend. We've also helped Volvo become more eco-friendly at shows and events by transitioning from paper to electronic leads. Our product specialists also concentrate on quality over quantity while still outperforming previous years lead totals.

As Volvo has found, to attract new customers all you need is löv - and ShowMax.